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Editing XML resources for Android in Eclipse

Just the other day, I was griping about the way Eclipse ADT tools dump out XML in long unreadable lines like this:
As with so many things, Eclipse is your friend if you just know how to set it up. As it turns out, Artem Russakovskii of Beer Planet recently wrote an excellent post with instructions [...]

Emulator frustrations for n00bs

Here are a hodgepodge of issues related to using the emulator.
The emulator takes forever to come up
Yes, yes it does, especially the first time you start it. It’s emulating booting up a complete OS running on a different architecture (ARM processor) than your development machine – so yeah, it’s a little slow. If you have [...]

What’s with the various API levels and types in the SDK?

(As of SDK 2.0.1)
The API levels 1.0 through 2.0.1 are versions of the framework with which you develop Android applications (see for more). They’re fairly backward compatible but not completely. These are also referred to by integer API numbers and sometimes names:

1 = version 1.0
2 = version 1.1
3 = version 1.5 (Cupcake)
4 = version [...]

The Eclipse ADT plugin for creating projects says I need to choose a target, but there’s nowhere to choose a target!

This was a particularly frustrating one, but it’s really simple to resolve.

This is a simple problem of screen real estate. When the dialog is not long enough vertically, the part that is shrunk (down to nothing!) to fit is the Build Target selection box. The only way to get it to show up is to [...]

Creating your own emulator skins

One of the first things a software developer does when beginning to work with a new IDE or tool set is to look for ways to customize their environment, either to better fit the way they work or to match their sense of style. For example, I always prefer my code editor to display primarily [...]

My emulator looks different than in the examples!

Illustrations of emulator usage in books and on the web have emulator skins that look like devices, but if your SDK is at all recent, the emulator doesn’t look like that – the screen is bare. This is a seemingly insignificant thing, but strangely no one seems to talk about it. I didn’t find any [...]

Missing dependencies for the Eclipse ADT plugin

When installing the plugin, depending on your setup, Eclipse may fail with a message that dependencies are missing.

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